Finding my Footing

Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas from Pexels

I’m glad to say that I’ve been continuing to moderate my consumption of sugary foods. However, I’m starting to fall back into my old habit of impulsively reaching for and eating sweets or using them as an energy boost. (It can hardly be called a “boost” – it’s more of a spike-before-a-crash).

One reason for this, I think, is that I haven’t really solidified either my goal or my motivation. Both are in a state of uncertainty and it’s leaving me without the clear guideposts I need to stay on track. Some of that uncertainty is due to my starting to question whether fair-trade certified products are truly significantly more ethical alternatives to non-certified products.

I was beginning to doubt but now I’m leaning back in the pro-fair-trade direction. I’m currently reading this article in the Guardian about the future of Fairtrade International (the independent certification body), and fair trade (the idea), as some of the largest food companies begin moving toward in-house standards and labels.

In the interest of giving myself steady points to cling to, even though I’m not fully decided on everything, I’d like to restate my goal and motivation here. I’ve reworded my goal slightly, but I want to keep the part about only buying fair-trade products until I have some definite reasons to believe that these are not more ethical purchasing choices than non-fair trade.

My goal:

When I eat foods with added sugar, to eat in mindful moderation. And when I buy any products containing added sugar, or chocolate, to buy only those that are independently fair-trade certified.

My goal, without the added details:

Eat sugar in mindful moderation and buy only fair trade.

I have a label-maker and I’m going to print out my summarized goal right now and emblazon it on my water bottles as a reminder that will follow me wherever I go…. Ok, done! I’ll make an effort to read my goal every time I have a drink of water.

As for my strongest motivation, this is what I’ve settled on for now:

  1. To enjoy and have a healthy relationship with food, and;
  2. To minimize any harm done to others by my consumption of luxury foods.

Thoughts for my upcoming Tuesday post: I love to go out to local bakeries, cafes or ice cream shops, either in some of my precious solitary time, or with a friend. To me it’s a special event, a real treat. How do I reconcile this with my goal? Can it be reconciled? What alternatives are there? I don’t think I can or should just cut these outings out of my life completely. But I think I can manage to replace the sweets that are involved with options that don’t conflict with my goal.

All the best to you, as you try to live by your own goals and motivations. May you encounter new-found clarity in both your successes and failures along the way.

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