Banana Dates Turmeric

It was raining in Vancouver yesterday (today, as I write) after a long stretch of sunny weather. I’m glad the plants in our yard got a nice, refreshing root-soak. But it’s a bit harder to keep my toddler busy and happy on a rainy day. Thankfully we have a stroller with a very effective rain cover, so we could still be out and about!

I’ve mentioned before that one sugar-eating habit I want to replace or modify is visiting local cafes and bakeries for sweets. This morning, on our stroller walk, we ran the gauntlet of sweet and enticing establishments. I ended up stopping in at The Juice Truck for a delicious banana turmeric smoothie.

Photo by aromal lalan(LU) from Pexels

One thing I like about The Juice Truck is that they seem to use bananas (and/or other fruit) and Medjool dates as the only sweeteners in their smoothies. I don’t know all the details but I do know that those two ingredients have a lot more to offer, nutritionally, than sugar. And although they obviously both contain high levels of naturally occurring sugars, I’m not worried, from a health perspective, about limiting my intake of bananas or Medjool dates.

As I sipped my spiced smoothie, I wondered if I could blend something up at home using honey instead of bananas and dates. I found this Berry Turmeric Smoothie recipe on Well Plated by Erin that seems to fit the bill! I’ll need to do some shopping first but I’ll try it out once I have the ingredients I need. (Also totally going to try this Bedtime Golden Milk.)

I’m also tempted to make the Everyday Turmeric Smoothie recipe on, except with no added sweetener besides the frozen banana. My only concern about using bananas regularly as a sweetener is that bananas, like cane sugar, are obtained through some very imbalanced and often exploitative trade (see this article on Global Citizen by Yuanyuan Kelly for some promising alternatives to the larger and less ethical banana-selling corporations).

Trying to live rightly, doing right by other people on the planet, and protecting the planet itself, feels like a never-ending, murky, and convoluted pursuit. I’m always second-guessing myself. But maybe it’s OK to live with that uncertainty, as long as it actually pushes me to keep moving forward, to keep learning. I’ll never know all the answers, so I’ll have to do my best with what I know now, and try my best to learn more as time goes on.

And to you, the reader, all the best to you as you seek to live your own life well. I hope you’ll be kind to yourself through the tiny steps forward, the great successes, and the major mistakes alike. Even if you feel you’re completely stagnant, not moving at all, or slowly slipping away in the wrong direction, please be kind to yourself still. Whenever I’ve been in a place like that there has always been a lot going on internally – emotionally, psychologically – that is exhausting and draining. Those are the times I’ve most needed my own compassion to make it through to the other side.


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