This happens a lot. I start to feel like things are relatively under control and that I might be able to get some work done on my longer term to-dos that have been weighing on my mind – and then something… something minor and mundane, like a cold, or even something sweet like a vacation… something crashes through my routine and I drop everything. I drop every good habit and I pick up old bad habits just like that.

I find it so easy to just give up altogether on changing habits and making forward progress.

Listening to some music now. I’m seeing (in my mind’s eye) a natural fountain of water flowing down toward me, onto my head, over my shoulders, refreshing and cooling me.

It feels like a holy embrace from my heavenly Father.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

I’m always blown away by how patient a teacher the Lord is to me. And I am so undeserving.

It’s humbling to be loved by the Lord of all things, knowing that I have done nothing to earn that love. I’m humbled and at the same time I’m lifted. I’m lifted unimaginably higher than any selfish ambition or vain conceit within me (and there’s a lot).

And with me is lifted every other human on earth – my brothers and sisters – we are all equal in his sight. Equal and loved.

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